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Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government

Nisga'a Ayuuk (Laws of the Nisga'a) is an all encompassing set of laws which governs our way of life as evidenced though our custom and traditions. Nisga'a Ayuuk was in place prior to contact with the k'amksiiwaa (western) world. There are laws which relate to how we live on our traditional lands and how we manage the resources on our lands. Our laws and all that we need to learn about our Nisga'a identity and our life responsibilities were transmitted through the processes of Yuuhlimk'askw (guidance) and Adaawak (stories).

Yuuhlimk means "to counsel, to lecture". The Main function of Yuuhlimk'askw is "to pass on information" that is going to teach and guide the life of Nisga'a individual(s).  Yuuhlimk'askw addresses life issues and codes of conduct which serve as prevention strategies for minimizing instability in one's life.

During Yuuhlimk'askw, particularly, when there was a need to address codes of conduct to the younger generations, cautioning words such as "Gilo! Hawit! A-a! Haw'ahlhkw! /Careful! Stop! Not acceptable!" were often heard in lecture or advice being communicated. For whatever purpose, Yuuhlimk'askw occurred, and occurs today, Compassion is felt as it is delivered in our language.

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